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ARHIKULT 2024 Conference

Eva Prelovšek Niemelä and Aarne Niemelä, InnoRenew CoE architects, attended the 9th Architecture Conference “ARHIKULT 2024”, which took place on 11 April 2024 in the renovated “Center ROG” in Ljubljana.

Foto: Damjan Prelovšek

Foto: Damjan Prelovšek

They presented the research institute InnoRenew CoE and its largest wooden building in Slovenia, which is built according to the sustainable construction principles.

The conference touched upon the causes and consequences of climate change resulting from global warming, sustainable green building, the use of local materials, energy renovation and comprehensive rehabilitation of existing buildings, and the introduction of new amenities into cities and buildings.

The conference was organised by the Institute for the Promotion of Architecture ZPAR.