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Municipality of Izola and InnoRenew CoE for a new life of the festive fir tree

The Municipality of Izola delivered to InnoRenew CoE the new year fir tree that decorated the roundabout in the city centre of Izola during the holiday season.

Image: InnoRenew CoE

Experts from the research institute cut and prepared the fir tree for drying, ensuring its potential for future use. After drying, the wood from the fir tree will be reused to create products to be distributed among Izola’s primary schools by the municipality during the festive season. This will serve also as a reminder of sustainable gifting.

Image: InnoRenew CoE


Through these initiatives, InnoRenew CoE and the Municipality of Izola, are demonstrating how successful collaboration can create positive stories for us all. By granting the fir tree a new life and saving it from ending up in the waste, they undoubtedly contribute to the preservation of our environment.

InnoRenew CoE will continue to work together with the municipality and other stakeholders in the local community to create initiatives that have a positive environmental and societal impact.