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Scientific article about impact noise sources in buildings

Dr. Rok Prislan, InnoRenew CoE researcher, together with dr. Franz Dolezal, Andreas Reichenauer and Armin Wilfling from IBO—Austrian Institute for Building and Ecology, and Maximilian Neusser from TU Wien, recently published a scientific article »Recording, Processing, and Reproduction of Vibrations Produced by Impact Noise Sources in Buildings«,  in Acoustics.

Several studies on the perception of impact noises call into question the relationship between standardized techniques and perceived annoyance, while more recent research has yielded conflicting results. All of these investigations overlooked the feature of whole-body vibrations, which are known to be important for the perception of low-frequency sound and can be perceived particularly in lightweight structures.

This article presents the creation and performance of the vibration-sensing unit and vibration exposure device, which was created to record vibrations at a lower cost and without the need of professional recording gear.