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Dr. Ana Slavec published a scientific article about storage conditions and use of packaging materials in Slovenian museums depots

Dr. Ana Slavec, InnoRenew CoE researcher, together with Dr. Maša Kavčič from ZVKDS, published a scientific article in the Bulletin of the Slovenian Ethnological Society, about the Storage Conditions and Use of Packaging Materials in Slovenian Museums Depots.

In the article a survey conducted among 61 Slovenian museums and galleries is presented, about the organization of depots, storage methods, application of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, the climatic conditions, and the utilisation of packaging for the transportation and long-term storage of museum objects. Findings show that most museums have at least occasional problems with maintaining stable climate conditions and they only monitor relative air humidity and temperature, while other environmental factors are usually not observed

You can read the whole article (in Slovenian) here.