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Training about gender dimension in research at InnoRenew CoE

Today, InnoRenew CoE hosted a training »Integrating the gender dimension in sustainable construction research«, conducted by Dr. Maxime Forest, a representative of the Yellow Window association.

This capacity building session was aimed at mobilizing applied knowledge to provide definitions, evidence, and solutions relevant to the integration of the gender perspective in research projects carried out at InnoRenew CoE. Under Horizon Europe, integrating the gender dimension in project management and research contents has become a mandatory requirement that contributes to enhancing the validity and applicability of research design, methods and outputs.

Dr. Maxime Forest is a senior expert and trainer at Yellow Window, specialized on integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation. He is also a senior researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris University, affiliated to the Urban School and Paris School of International Affairs. His research interest and expertise cover a wide range of areas, focusing on the comparative analysis of gender equality policies in Europe, and mainstreaming the gender perspective in research and policies design and contents.