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InnoRenew CoE published a new scientific article in collaboration with University of Graz

Dr. Ana Slavec and Lea Primožič, InnoRenew CoE researchers, together with Annechien D. Hoeben, Miguel Moreno-Torres and dr. Tobias Stern from the Institute of Environmental Systems Sciences, University of Graz, recently published a new scientific article “When intentions do not matter: Climate change mitigation and adaptation innovations in the Forest-based sector,” in Forest Policy and Economics.

In the study authors present the results of a 2021 survey of Austrian and Slovenian enterprises in the forest-based sector using the theory of planned behaviour. They can confirm that attitudes, norms and perceived behavioural control significantly affect intentions to act, however it was not possible to confirm an association between intentions and actual behaviour.

The Forest Policy and Economics is a leading scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed policy and economics research relating to forests, forested landscapes, forest-related industries, and other forest-relevant land uses.