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InnoRenew CoE research laboratories

InnoRenew CoE is dedicated to researching and developing innovations in the field of renewable materials and healthy built environment, and to transferring scientific knowledge into industrial practice. In this context, an international team of researchers – currently 65 experts from 21 countries – is specifically dedicated to the innovative and interdisciplinary study of wood and its applications. Two key research areas are wood modification and Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design (REED).

Researchers work in six research groups: advanced manufacturing, buildings, health, information processing, materials and creativity & society. Cutting-edge research equipment is dedicated to work in nine laboratories, enabling the institute’s international, interdisciplinary team to make important leaps in the Slovenian, European and global research landscape. The investment in research equipment was co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport from the European Regional Development Fund and the European Commission under the ARCHI-Skin project.

InnoRenew CoE research laboratories:

  • Human Health Laboratory is designed to assess human well-being and performance under different indoor environmental conditions;
  • Composites Laboratory which houses equipment for the preparation of bio-based composite materials;
  • Physical Testing Laboratory that can assess the static, dynamic, and creep behavior of elastic, plastic, and viscoelastic materials as well as perform in situ testing of the built environment;
  • Characterization Laboratory offers morphological, physicochemical, and rheological characterization of bio-based materials;
  • Microscopy Laboratory has microscopes and sample preparation devices to analyze a range of materials at micro- and nanoscale;
  • Acoustic Laboratory, fully equipped to perform research in architectural and building acoustics, noise control, structural dynamics, and vibrations;
  • Advanced Manufacturing laboratory is a technological hub providing scientific support for a broad range of bio-based businesses as they adapt to Industry 4.0 and beyond;
  • Engineered Living Materials Laboratory implements biomimetic principles for the development of new materials and modification processes;
  • Workshop and Machine Shop is a service provider for other laboratories, enabling in-house preparation, conditioning, and storage of experimental samples and prototypes.

By using the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, researchers at InnoRenew CoE can study their fields more precisely and efficiently, leading to innovative solutions and more sustainable practices. Investing in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment is not only important for scientific progress, but also for promoting sustainable development and a better future for all.