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InnoRenew CoE’s collaboration in creating documentary films about wood

InnoRenew CoE, in cooperation with the University of Primorska and the public agency Spirit Slovenia, produced two educational documentaries, Knocking on wood and Living for wood.

The aim of both films is to raise awareness among the Slovenian public about Slovenia’s wealth with wood, the use of wood for high added value products and its enormous social and environmental benefits. In addition, wood is important for the development of the Slovenian economy and the creation of green jobs.

The first film, Knocking on wood, is an inspiring film that highlights the use and sustainability of wood and its impact on the environment. Slovenia boasts an abundance of forests which, in addition to being a source of timber, contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of climate change. Wooden buildings, surfaces and furniture contribute to sustainable construction and the aesthetic environment. The film guides us through the basic properties of wood and promotes responsible management of natural resources.

The second film, Living for wood, presents a vivid range of wood-related professions, and stories of successful and innovative entrepreneurs in the field of wood processing.

The film was shot and produced by Warehouse Collective and directed by Damjan Muhič from the University of Primorska.

Both educational documentaries were broadcasted on the national television RTV, and can be viewed online (in Slovene):

You are kindly invited to watch!