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Documentary about IRIS project broadcasted on Austrian TV

InnoRenew CoE has collaborated with Austrian national television to produce a documentary about the project IRIS (Engineered wood composites with enhanced impact sound insulation performance to improve human well being).

The documentary highlights various research tasks carried out by researchers at the InnoRenew CoE, as well as at other partner organisations such as the University of Primorska, University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and the Austrian partners IBO (Austrian Institute for Building and Ecology) and TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien).

The core of the IRIS project is to use wood composites as a novel resilient layer for floating floors. In the first part of the project, such a layer was developed and several parameters crucial for its performance (dynamic stiffness, damping, load bearing capacity, etc.) were optimized. Prototypes were built and tested, while in parallel a physical model of the dynamic response of the new layer was developed.

In future phases of the project, the insulation layer will be further refined and tested under relevant conditions. For this purpose, impact noise measurements with a standardised impact noise source are most commonly carried out.  Testing will include testing in different types of built environment using several types of impact sources such as walking and jumping. This is because it is these types of sounds that are most disturbing and fatiguing to users of the built environment, which is a key research aspect of the IRIS project.

Kindly invited to watch the video!