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Scientific article about a blockchain protocol

Dr. Aleksandar Tošić, dr. Michael Burnard and dr. Michael Mrissa, InnoRenew CoE researchers, in collaboration with Jernej Vičič from the University of Primorska’s Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, published a new scientific article, “A Blockchain Protocol for Real-Time Application Migration on the Edge”, in Sensors.

In this paper, researchers are introducing a decentralized architecture tailored for large-scale deployments of peer-to-peer Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks and capable of run-time application migration. The IoT is experiencing widespread adoption across industry sectors ranging from supply chain management to smart cities, buildings, and health monitoring. However, most software architectures for the IoT deployment rely on centralized cloud computing infrastructures to provide storage and computing power, as cloud providers have high economic incentives to organize their infrastructure into clusters.