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Nežka Sajinčič at the short term scientific mission in the College of Forestry, Oregon State University

Nežka Sajinčič, InnoRenew CoE’s research assistant and PhD student at the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska, visited the College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, in April, as part of a SWST’s Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM).

Nežka is working on knowledge transfer in the field of forestry and researching ways to make educational videos on wood as a building material more engaging and effective. During her visit, students at OSU were invited to take part in an experiment in which Nežka looked at how different types of background music in videos affect students’ learning, mood and cognitive load. She presented her work and the WoodLCC project to interested PhD and MSc students.