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InnoRenew CoE among the recipients of the Prometheus of Science Award for Excellence in Science Communication 2022

The Slovenian Science Foundation selected the recipients of the Prometheus of Science Award for 2022, including the InnoRenew CoE.

The University of Primorska nominated the research institute InnoRenew CoE to receive the award, in the category organisation, for its multifaceted communication of wood science and sustainable construction.

Dr. Črtomir Tavzes and Lea Primožič from InnoRenew CoE, attended the award ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, 30 May 2023, at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and accepted the award.

InnoRenew CoE’s excellence is best demonstrated by its new building, which combines expertise from several fields to achieve sustainable construction, including architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, psychology, ergonomics, information technology, wood science and the expertise of multidisciplinary researchers in the field of healthy living environments. In addition, they use many other channels to communicate with different national and international stakeholders, and thus undoubtedly contribute to encouraging society as a whole to move towards a low-carbon and sustainable society which respects the nature, the environment and people.

Among the recipients of the award – Prometheus of Science – are also the UP Faculty of Education (UP PEF) and Radio Koper for the joint radio programme “Ena mačka, štiri miši”, which consists of eight episodes. The programme brings mathematics closer to the general public through a narrative interplay, dating back to the earliest civilisations. The contributions to the show were prepared by Prof. Dr. Mara Cotič (didactics of mathematics), Prof. Dr. Darjo Felda (professor of mathematics) and Asst. Daniel Doz (Professor of Mathematics).

The Science Communicator for 2022 is Dr. Lovrenc Lipej from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, University of Primorska.