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InnoRenew CoE is collaborating with the University of Helsinki and Oregon State University in an international research network

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki, is part of a new kind of research collaboration network with Oregon State University, from the United States, and InnoRenew CoE. Partners included in the network will share information gained from their living laboratories, or new mass timber buildings.

Ritva Toivonen, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry’s dean said: “We wish to be a strong player and contribute to the creation of a unique and multidisciplinary research environment where researchers from a range of disciplines and universities can collaboratively lay the research-based groundwork needed to solve future challenges. In this, international cooperation holds a key role.”

The goal of this collaboration is to make it possible to combine datasets and conduct international comparative research between different parts of the world. The network is aimed at developing a data repository and a website that contain information on projects, datasets and research findings which utilise living lab platforms and data produced by them.

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