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Extended deadline: IRIC2023 abstract submissions

The deadline for abstract submission to participate in the InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2023, “Interdisciplinary solutions for sustainable buildings,” is extended until 8 May 2023.

IRIC2023 will be held 12–14 September 2023 in the InnoRenew CoE building in Izola, Slovenia. The keynote speaker is Alan Organschi, a principal and partner at Gray Organschi Architecture, in the USA, and Director of the Innovation Labs at the Bauhaus Earth, a global interdisciplinary initiative that seeks to transform the building sector.

IRIC2023 welcomes 300-word abstracts for presentations in different thematic areas:

  • Skills
  • Renovation
  • Social impacts
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Recycling, circularity
  • Interdisciplinary topics
  • Engineered living materials
  • Environmental impacts, carbon
  • Human health and preferences
  • Sustainable construction & sustainable buildings
  • New European Bauhaus (co-design, solutions, aesthetics)
  • Design solutions (energy efficiency, optimization, aesthetics)
  • Automation, AI, IoT, wearables, sensors, integrated technologies

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Visit the conference webpage for more information.