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Scientific article about improving recyclability and reusability of engineered wood products

Lei Han, Dr. Andreja Kutnar, Dr. Jakub Sandak, and Dr. Iztok Šušteršič, InnoRenew CoE researchers, together with Dr. Dick Sandberg from Luleå University of Technology, published a new scientific article »Adhesive- and Metal-Free Assembly Techniques for Prefabricated Multi-Layer Engineered Wood Products: A Review on Wooden Connectors«, in Forests.

Engineered wood products are being increasingly used as construction materials, however they are currently being made using synthetic adhesives or metal fasteners, which lead to poor recyclability and reusability. This is why authors of this review paper focused on emerging adhesive- and metal-free assembling techniques as alternative ways of making prefabricated engineered wood products.

Forests is a peer-reviewed, open access journal of forestry and forest ecology.