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Scientific article about energy design synthesis

Dr. Balázs Dávid, InnoRenew CoE researcher, together with colleagues Tamás Storcz, Zsolt Ercsey, and Kristóf Roland Horváth from the University of Péc, Zoltán Kovács from Optin Ltd, and István Kistelegdi from the Institute of Architecture, Óbuda University, published a new scientific article “Energy Design Synthesis: Algorithmic Generation of Building Shape Configurations”, in Energies.

Today, the energy design optimization is an important research field, and passive design strategies are one of the most definitive factors concerning energy-related building development. The given architectural problem calls for a method that can create all potentially feasible building geometries, thus guaranteeing the optimal solution which is addressed in this paper.

Energies is a peer-reviewed, open access journal about technology development, engineering, and policy and management.