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InnoRenew CoE collaborates in the Radiotrophic Fungarium or How to Make a Coat for Marie Curie exhibition

Artists Saša Spačal and Kaitlin Bryson from the Projekt Atol Institute presented their project Radiotrophic Fungarium or How to Make a Coat for Marie Curie in the Osmo/za, showroom in Ljubljana. The exhibition led us through the history of radioactivity, where the stories of individuals and groups, who gave their lives for the teachings of radioactivity, are interwoven and are relevant even today.

The idea for project was based on the discovery of melanized fungi that grew on reactor five years after the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl and their ability to survive and thrive in a toxic environment. Exhibition invited us to imagine a world where these fungi would form protective shields from radiation on our homes, clothes, blankets and alike.

Ana Gubenšek, InnoRenew CoE researcher, in cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty, inoculated fungi onto concrete panels so that visitors of the exhibition could see them in real life. Moreover, they will monitor their growth and development as the exhibition continues.

More information about the project can be found the dedicated webpage and on the exhibition author Saša Spačal website.

Photos: Marijo Zupanov