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Sasikala Perumal on the television show “Dobro jutro”

Today on the television show “Dobro jutro” there was a discussion about Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the USA. Among the guests was also Sasikala Perumal, InnoRenew CoE laboratory technician. Sasikala is an Indian who has lived in the USA since she was 10 years old and has been living in Izola for 20 years.

Sasikala said that 20 years ago, when she lived in the USA, Black Friday was not so popular, and the Thanksgiving holiday was really a time for socialising. In her family, all holidays, including Christmas for example, are celebrated in the manner of the mixed cultures to which they belong or in which they have lived.

We take this opportunity to congratulate all of our employees who come from the USA and are celebrating this holiday.

You can listen to the conversation here (from 11:00 minutes onwards).