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InnoRenew CoE hosted NIR Italia

The Italian Society for Near Infrared Spectroscopy (SISNIR), in collaboration with InnoRenew CoE and the University of Primorska, hosted NIR Italia 2022, an Italian national conference, 7-9 June 2022 at InnoRenew CoE’s building in Izola.

NIR Italia 2022 began with theoretical and hands-on pre-courses offered to participants by the conference’s sponsors – Bruker, Buchi, Hellma, Itphotonics, Quantum Design and Viavi.

Dr. Jean-Michel Roger gave the keynote address about data pre-treatment. Dr. Krzysztof B Bec and Dr. Justyna Grabska also provided a keynote talk, “In silico simulation of NIR spectra: Fundamental insights, new discoveries and emerging possibilities for analytical applications.”

During the conference and poster sessions, participants from research and industry got together to share science, exchange ideas and engage in discussions about spectroscopy and other related research areas.

The event was also an excellent opportunity to socialize thanks to events designed to create productive collaboration networks, like the gala dinner and visit to Slovenia’s Škocjan Caves, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.