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Albert Kravos at the 4th Hlaj’s Days event

Albert Kravos, InnoRenew CoE assistant researcher, participated in the 4th Hlaj’s Days event dedicated to olive farming in light of climate change.

He presented the OLEAF4VALUE project, which aims to develop a complete olive leaf valorization system and establish a basic smart value chain — based on the 4.0 concept: Smart Dynamic Multi-Valorization-Route Biorefinery (SAMBIO) — for the cascade valorization of olive leaves according to their physicochemical composition, tailored with specific pre-treatments for the production of target products.

The event was organized by the Science and Research Center Koper in cooperation with the Association of Olive Growers of Slovenia, within the EIP project “Automation and economic viability of irrigation in olive growing,” and the Olive Growers’ Public Service.