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Invitation to Digital aid to silver years, a Pharaon event

Pharaon’s project partners are organizing an event, “Digital aid to silver years”, which will be held on 18–19 May 2022 in Alma Mater Europaea (Neubergerjeva 31, 1000 Ljubljana).

The event will present the current retirement home situation in Slovenia and around the world, the Pharaon project, technological solutions for retirement homes, the needs of older adults, examples of national and international good practices and projects or research in the aging population.

As part of the event, a roundtable discussion will be held to discuss good practices and highlight innovation pathways in age-friendly housing.

The event is free of charge.

Please register by 5 May 2022.

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The event is organized by InnoRenew CoE, Izola Retirement Home – Casa del pensionato Isola, SenLab and the National Institute of Public Health as part of the Pharaon project, in collaboration with the Social Chamber and Alma Mater Europaea.