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InnoRenew CoE hosted Dr. Bohumil Kasal

InnoRenew CoE recently hosted Dr. Bohumil Kasal, Director of Fraunhofer WKI, an InnoRenew CoE advanced partner.

Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, discussed institutional research projects and quality management with Dr. Kasal. She also presented and gave a tour of the InnoRenew CoE building in Izola.

“It is important to present our building and activities to our advanced partner, who is supporting us in our development in every step,” Dr. Kutnar said.

Dr. Bohumil Kasal, Director of Fraunhofer WKI in the new InnoRenew CoE building. Image: Andreja Kutnar

Fraunhofer WKI is a German research institute that focuses on process technology, natural-fiber composites, wood protection and emission control, quality assurance of wood products, recycling procedures and the use of organic building materials and wood in construction.