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Invitation to attend the first two Gdańsk University of Technology lectures

On 18 November 2021 at 13:00, InnoRenew CoE will host an online presentation from two of Gdańsk University of Technology’s (GUT) expert researchers. GUT is a leading university and research center in Poland, and it is also a gold member of Living Lab InnoRenew.

Dr. Agata Sommer, from GUT’s Department of Food Chemistry, Technology and Biotechnology, will present the structure of bacterial cellulose-based nanomaterials. Bacterial cellulose is a natural polymer produced by some bacteria that, unlike plant cellulose, is not contaminated with lignin or hemicelluloses. The effect of clay mineral addition on the structure and physicochemical properties of bacterial cellulose will be disused.

Dr. Szymon Mania, an assistant professor at GUT’s Faculty of Chemistry, will present how to obtain the machining bio-fluids for glued wood treatment. The presentation will highlight a research path concerning the development of a biodegradable liquid for processing glued laminated timber, which aims to reduce the adhesion of glue and chips to the cutting blades and not adversely affect the chemical structure and physicochemical properties of the treated wood.

Everyone is invited to join the lectures. Please register here.