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New scientific article about decentralized data management

Sidra Aslam and Dr. Michael Mrissa, InnoRenew CoE researchers, together with Viktor Bukovszki from Advanced Building and Urban Design Ltd., recently published a scientific article, “Decentralized Data Management Privacy-Aware Framework for Positive Energy Districts”, in Energies.

In the article, the researchers present their framework design and results that show the developed solution is effective, secure and scalable.

As they wrote in the article abstract: “Our framework design integrates blockchain with a Distributed Hash Table (DHT), role-based access control, ring signature, and different encryption techniques. The proposed framework stores encrypted data on the DHT, and metadata and hash key are sent to the blockchain, which allows the data owner to keep track of their data. The proposed framework components handle multi-level data access in PEDs and enable data security at run-time.”