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OLEAF4VALUE: An Innovative Upcycling Project

InnoRenew CoE successfully applied for the OLEAF4VALUE project, a research and innovation action funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking. OLEAF4VALUE will tackle the problem of olive biomass waste through the development of a complete olive leaf upcycling/valorization system.

Globally, 4.5 million tons of olive leaves are produced every year by the olive oil industry, a key industry in southern Europe and along the Mediterranean basin. This biomass represents a challenge for the whole olive oil industry as it needs to be removed from both the olive tree fields and the olive oil mills. Olive leaves can generate environmental and economic problems when not collected. OLEAF4VALUE has assembled a competitive consortium of sixteen highly experienced partners devoted to the complete valorization of this underexploited raw material.

OLEAF4VALUE coordinated by Natac (Spain).