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InnoRenew CoE at CoMS_2020/21

The Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, together with the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technical Science and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, organized CoMS_2020/21: Construction Materials for a Sustainable Future, 2nd International Online Conference, which was held 20-21 April 2021.

Dr Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, was the keynote speaker in the session dedicated to sustainable design. Dr Kutnar spoke about wood as a building material for sustainable construction. She also moderated a session about energy efficiency and was a member of  the final roundtable discussion.

In addition, Dr Michael Burnard, InnoRenew CoE deputy director, spoke about sustainable design and Dr Michael Mrissa, InnoRenew CoE researcher, presented his research in the digitalization and automation session.

According to the event website, CoMS_2020/21 brought together more than 100 participants to “address the importance of sustainable development for our  future well-being”.