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Dr Gavrić at a roundtable discussion about waste wood

The online event “New life of wood: Circular economy in practice” marked the conclusion of the Lesni feniks project on 19 January 2021.

Janez Žakelj, mayor of Žiri, attended the event organized by Ekologi brez meja, and he addressed participants with results of the project – 20 branches, nine deck chairs and one wardrobe made from waste wood. He emphasized the successful collaboration of different stakeholders, including community representatives, industry and high school students.

Dr Igor Gavrić, InnoRenew CoE researcher, was among the 65 participants, and he presented results from a study that showed consumers are aware of environmental issues and have significant interest to buy waste wood products.

“The topic of reusing waste wood is very important,” said Dr Gavrić. “I am convinced that with the right approach we can achieve a greater use of waste wood products and make a further step towards a sustainable society.”

Recording from the event. Video: Lesni feniks