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InnoRenew CoE chemical characterization laboratory

InnoRenew CoE’s chemical characterization laboratory has all the necessary equipment to separate and extract chemical compounds from larger materials. InnoRenew CoE researchers use it to process wood, plants and food as well as waste products such as rapeseed oil, olive pomace and olive mill wastewater. Compounds resulting from these processes can then go for further analysis and study.

Two of the lab’s most interesting pieces of equipment are the gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) and the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer (LC-MS). Dr Kelly Peeters, InnoRenew CoE researcher in the field of analytical chemistry, presents functions and practical applications for both in the video below.

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InnoRenew CoE infrastructure and equipment investments are financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Republic of Slovenia’s Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. State-of-the-art equipment is distributed across eight laboratories.