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InnoRenew CoE complex windows produced by robots

The new InnoRenew CoE complex arising in Izola, Slovenia, will be the largest wooden building in the country once completed. An especially interesting part of the construction process is the wooden windows being produced by Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o. with the help of robots.

InnoRenew CoE relied on results of recently conducted research about artificial accelerated aging when deciding which protective coating to use for the new window frames. Two different stains were tested – completely opaque and lightly pigmented; colorless stain samples were used as a control. Surface color and gloss, before and after accelerated aging, were measured, and results were extremely good even after two seven-day cycles of accelerated aging.

“Color and gloss changed the most when transparent coating was used,” said Dr Matthew Schwarzkopf, InnoRenew CoE researcher. “In my opinion, this is due to greater penetration of UV rays.”

Research about artificial accelerated aging. Image: InnoRenew CoE

After tests were done, InnoRenew CoE opted for the lightly pigmented stain, which was maintained during accelerated aging in the laboratory and will allow for easier maintenance in the future.

“We choose the lightly pigmented stain because it is a good color match with the Istrian stone installed on the façade,” said Eva Prelovšek Niemelä, InnoRenew CoE architect.

“The color is not completely opaque as we want to see and feel the natural wood structure beneath the coating. Good results of the accelerated aging testing convinced us that Marles can provide exceptional quality protection of wood in the window frames,” she added.

Wooden window frames for the new InnoRenew CoE building. Image: Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o.

Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o. uses robots for the entire application of protective coatings, and by doing so, human errors are not possible, which testifies to the precise work in applying paint to the window frames.

Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o. uses robots for the entire application of protective coatings. Image: Marles hiše Maribor d.o.o.