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Frames of Science – An exhibition of pictorial moments from research on wood and other renewable materials

InnoRenew CoE’s exhibition “Frames of Science” shows images and drawings related to wood and other renewable materials research. A selection of images will be exhibited outdoors until the end of July on Sončno nabrežje in Izola. At the same time, an online exhibition is taking place on InnoRenew CoE’s website where you can vote for your favourite image.

Researchers document phases of their scientific work and experimental results with images and drawings, which are most often made by computer programs and special devices (optical and electron microscopes, spectrometers, computed tomography). Researchers in the field of wood science and sustainable buildings are no different.

Created by InnoRenew CoE researchers, the exhibition’s selected images do not address the viewer from their usual scientific point of view but, instead, with astonishing structures, compositions and colours that can easily be seen as art. Beauty can be found everywhere – even beyond detection of the naked eye. Entering science through this aesthetic door leaves reflection on the relationship between science and art entirely up to the viewer. The purpose is primarily to experience beauty and, of course, inspire science.

The “Frames of Science” outdoor exhibition was made possible by the Municipality of Izola and supported by the Izola Centre for Culture, Sport and Events; Tourist Association Izola; and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – Wood Industry Directorate.

The exhibition officially opened on Friday, 10 July 2020, with a video of exhibited images shown as part of the occasion for the municipal holiday in the Municipality of Izola.

You are kindly invited to Izola and the InnoRenew CoE website to view the exhibition.