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Living Lab InnoRenew workshop

On Wednesday, 12 February 2020, Living Lab InnoRenew (LL InnoRenew) organized a workshop for employees to identify and define its mission and vision.

The workshop, led by Jaka Oman, took place in collaboration with Resna igra, a company offering solutions for organizational challenges by using the methodology of Lego Serious Play. Throughout the game, and by creating different models from LEGO bricks, participants express their complex thoughts, ideas and suggestions, which lead to desired results and solutions.

InnoRenew CoE employees crafted models from bricks during the LL InnoRenew workshop, and, by doing so, expressed options for LL InnoRenew’s mission and vision. At the end of the workshop, all suggestions were combined into a common model that represented agreement about what the LL InnoRenew is and what it wants to become in the future.

InnoRenew CoE employees at the workshop. Image: Jaka Oman

Kim Turk Mehes, LL InnoRenew manager, is happy with the workshop results.

“The next step for us is to finalize the definition of the LL InnoRenew vision and mission, together with all employees,” she said. “Our model will serve as a good basis to define a vision and mission of LL InnoRenew that all employees will understand and live.”

Lego Serious Play workshop. Image: Jaka Oman