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InnoRenew CoE at 46th International Annual Symposium DITP

Dr Miklós Krész, InnoRenew CoE ICT research group leader, and Dr Balázs Dávid, researcher, attended the 46th International Annual Symposium DITP, a forum for paper industry experts organized by the Pulp and Paper Engineers and Technicians Association (DITP) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Paper and Paper Converting Industry Association.

The aim of the symposium is to promote new scientific and technical solutions in the paper industry. The focus of this year’s event was “Between Circular, Bio and Digital”. The sessions of the symposium were “Digitalisation Continues”, “Materials for Circular Bioeconomy”, “Innovations in Fibre Treatment” and “Efficient Resource Management in Production”.

Dr Krész presented “Expert system approach for optimization of fibre production processes”, a talk about the current state of a joint project between the InnoRenew CoE and the Pulp and Paper Institute. The goal of this research is to bring decision support into determination of potential application fields for biomaterials with the use of data analytics and prediction models. The interest of the audience in the topic shows the need for such solutions in the industry.