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Building with hempcrete

Dr Laetitia Marrot, InnoRenew CoE researcher, recently assisted in construction of a house in Činžat, Slovenia, using hempcrete (or hemp-lime) as natural insulation material. Hempcrete is a bio-composite made from a combination of hemp shives, lime and water that, after being mixed and given time, hardens. This insulation material also acts as a moisture regulator and allows the house to “breathe” by exchanging humidity with the outside during its lifespan.

Dr Laetitia Marrot in Činžat. Image: Laetitia Marrot

Borut Sket is the only person building with hempcrete in Slovenia, or as he prefers to call this ecological material, “hemp filler”. Since 2013, he has introduced hempcrete into four houses, a pyramid and a temazcal (sweat lodge used as a sauna by Native Americans). At the micro house in Činžat, a full “envelop” will be built with hemp fillers and hempcrete, having insulation in the floor, walls and roof. According to Borut, customers’ unawareness regarding this green alternative insulation material prevents its application at a large scale.

Those interested in building with hemp can contact Borut at