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Register for FTP 2019

The European Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) is organizing its annual conference, which will take place 27 November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

At the one-day conference, policymakers, researchers and experts will discuss the European forest-based sector’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2030. Together, they will examine main goals for preventing further climate change damage to our plant.

Dr Andreja Kutnar, director of the InnoRenew CoE, will participate at the conference during the “Changemakers” session. Together with Emil Engelund-Thybringen from the University of Copenhagen, she will give a presentation entitled “Concrete jungle or forest city”.

Dr Črtomir Tavzes will also attend the conference as a representative of the InnoRenew CoE, University of Primorska and Slovenian National Support Group (NSG Slovenia).

Everyone is kindly invited to register for the conference, which is free of charge.