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Visiting researcher from the University of Zagreb

Dr Mislav Stepinac, assistant professor from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb (Croatia), will spend the next three months in Koper to work closely with researchers in the InnoRenew CoE’s Sustainable Building with Renewable Materials group.

Dr Stepinac has partnered with Dr Iztok Šušteršič and Dr Igor Gavrić to work on a project, funded by the Republic of Croatia’s Unity through Knoledge Fund, that will comprehend, gather and compare different state-of-the-art principles for design and seismic behaviour of structures. Novel structures, with a focus on timber and masonry, will be analysed.

“During Dr Stepinac’s visit, we aim to identify common research interests and define new project ideas,” said Dr Šušteršič.

In addition, Dr Stepinac will present his research work and PhD topic at an upcoming weekly meeting of the InnoRenew CoE employees.