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Dr Laetitia Marrot writes about hemp for the International Institute for Cannabinoids

Dr Laetitia Marrot, researcher from the InnoRenew CoE’s Renewable Materials Composites research group, researches sustainable composites reinforced by natural fibres. Because of her interest in this area, she recently prepared an article about the use of hemp in sustainable development for the blog of the International Institute for Cannabinoids.

In the article, Dr Marrot explains the different applications of hemp. In addition to hemp flowers that are mostly used in medicine, other parts of the plant, such as the stem, can be utilized. The stem is surrounded by fibres that are useful in both the textile industry and in composite materials for construction.

“At the InnoRenew CoE, we are looking to develop the use of natural fibres not only in buildings but also in other high-value composite applications, such as the automotive and transportation sectors,” says Dr Marrot.

“I am convinced that in order to preserve our planet and enhance sustainable industry, we must start with ourselves,” she added.

More about hemp as a sustainable material for industrial applications can be found in Dr Marrot’s blog post.