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Charm of Wood moving exhibition stops in Koper

On Friday, 5. 7. 2019, admirers of wood and wooden products gathered together in Armerija at the University of Primorska as the Charm of Wood moving exhibition was presented there for the third consecutive year. Jože Prikeržnik, Director-General of the Wood Industry Directorate, attended the opening ceremony and noted that exhibitions of this kind are important for support of Slovenia’s entire wood industry.

The Charm of Wood moving exhibition is traveling to 11 different locations across Slovenia. Currently, it is in Koper, where the InnoRenew CoE and the University of Primorska are hosting the exhibition until 19 July 2019.

At Friday’s official opening ceremony, Dr Andreja Kutnar, director of InnoRenew CoE, said: “It is a great honour for me to welcome you here on behalf of the University of Primorska and the InnoRenew CoE. Today, we are here for the third year, and I am happy to see that it is always somehow different, fuller. I believe that this exhibition will become a tradition in Koper.”

Dr Andreja Kutnar at the official ceremony. Image: Alen Ježovnik

Dr Kutnar emphasized that collaboration with the exhibition is important for the InnoRenew CoE, adding: “We want to bring wood and wooden products closer to everyone and not only to professionals involved in the forest-wood chain.”

The Charm of Wood has been promoting and fostering the use of wood and wood products for more than a decade and is raising awareness about the sustainability of this natural material.

Jože Prikeržnik, Director-General of the Wood Industry Directorate at the  Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, expressed his pleasure at joining the event and thanked all the participants who contributed their ideas and products: “I am pleased to be here again at the University of Primorska, where you try to add higher value to wood. The Charm of Wood changed the consideration of Slovenes about wood and changed the operation of state institutions and politics. The InnoRenew CoE is an important promoter of the wood and forestry sector. I believe that this event will have a positive impact on the wider region, professional public and wood industry.”

Jože Prikeržnik, Director-General of the Wood Industry Directorate. Image: Alen Ježovnik

Dr Franc Pohleven, initiator of the exhibition, agreed with these statements and expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the Charm of Wood’s organization.

Dr Franc Pohleven and Dr Andreja Kutnar. Image: Alen Ježovnik

During the ceremony, innovative wood products were on display and attendees were able to learn how individual products are produced. In addition, representatives from the Dipstor and Logotowood companies and the Applause project presented their work.

Presentation from Applause project, Dipstor and Logotowood. Image: Alen Ježovnik

Until 19 July 2019, visitors to the Charm of Wood exhibition at the University of Primorska can admire a wide range of products, from wooden chairs, sinks, tables and decorative dishes to cakes, jewellery and a guitar. Several of the exhibitors are companies and individuals from the Primorska region. Although sometimes overlooked, processing of wood is part of this region’s economy and is showcased with good quality and innovative wooden products at the exhibition.

The official ceremony. Image: Alen Ježovnik

This event and exhibition, now in its 11th consecutive year, is organized by the InnoRenew CoEAssociation for the Protection of Wood of Slovenia; the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and FoodMinistry of Economic Development and Technology – Wood Industry; SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency of the Republic of SloveniaUniversity of Ljubljana Biotechnical Faculty – Wood Science and Technology and the Wood Council.