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Hyperspectral imaging at the InnoRenew CoE

The InnoRenew CoE recently hosted a guest from Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd. Mr Rainer Bars, a senior application specialist for hyperspectral imaging applications at the company, spent a few days with the institute’s researchers and new laboratory equipment.

Specim was established 1995 and is located in Oulu, Finland. Today, their team consists of 60 highly skilled international professionals specialized in hyperspectral imaging. When working with materials, identifying them or defining their properties, it is good to study their interaction with light. This interaction of light with materials is called spectroscopy, and it examines how light behaves in the target and recognizes materials based on their different spectral signatures.

The InnoRenew CoE obtained new laboratory equipment from Specim for hyperspectral imaging that uses an imaging spectrometer to collect spectral information. The hyperspectral camera can measure thousands and hundreds of thousands of spectra. Mr Bars provided training and gave advice to the InnoRenew CoE researchers on using all of their newly acquired hyperspectral cameras.