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Dean Lipovac in Norway

Dean Lipovac, assistant researcher at the InnoRenew CoE, successfully applied for a short-term scientific mission (STSM) in the framework of COST Action CA16226 – Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly (Sheld-on). In March 2019, he spent two weeks at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and at the Health Innovation Center in Norway.

The Health Innovation Center is currently working on Tree and Health, a project which is in line with Dean’s research about wood properties and effects on our health. In Norway, he walked around cafes, health centres and shopping centres with various materials such as natural wood, treated wood, steel, melamine, etc., and he asked people over the age of 60 how they experience the different materials.

Findings of this research will contribute to future knowledge about preferences of materials used as a building material or interior material, which will create enriching environments for people and improve their quality of life.


Image: Dean Lipovac