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Forum on wood constructions SloWOODlife

29. 8. 2018

Wooden construction is known to be the construction of the future. Therefore, the main purpose of the forum LIVING WITH WOOD SloWOODlife is to break down numerous stereotypes about wooden construction and to promote the use of wood in the construction of houses, in refined furniture, equipment, and other products.

This year the forum will take place on 4th October 2018 from 12:00 to 16:30 in the natural reserve Škocjanski zatok. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic development and technology – Wood Industry Directorate and the Public agency SPIRIT Slovenia. The main coordinator and partner is the agency Lotos.

All the presentations and discussion will be on the main forum topic of biophilia and the relation between nature and users and how to ensure the positive effects of wooden buildings and design on human health. Moreover, there will be discussions about the implementation of REED – restorative environmental and ergonomic design, which is also one of the main research areas of our research institute InnoRenew CoE. REED is a restorative design system with the aim of creating ergonomic, accessible, adaptable, and sustainable buildings that create positive human health, environmental, and social impacts, with an emphasis on natural material use.

At the event there will be nine lecturers – Jože Prikeržnik, the Director-General of the Wood Industry Directorate – Ministry of Economic development and technology, Gerhard Kopeinig from the company Arch+more, Dr Bruno Dujič, director and development leader of the Slovenian company CBD, Dr Miha Humar, the dean of the Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, Janez Koželj, Deputy major of the Municipality of Ljubljana and professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, and representatives of the InnoRenew CoE.

The director Dr Andreja Kutnar will take part in the opening of the event, the Deputy Director and the research group leader of the Human health in the built environment Dr Michael Burnard will have a presentation about wood and human wellbeing in the built environment. An assistant researcher at the InnoRenew CoE and master of psychology Dean Lipovac will present the topic of mental wellbeing in the built environment. InnoRenew CoE’s research assistant Nastja Podrekar (with a master’s of kinesiology) will give a talk about supporting active work and lifestyles in the built environment.

A more exact schedule and programme of the event is still being prepared. The registration is free, and it is already open at the main organizer webpage.

You are all kindly invited to register to the forum SloWOODlife.