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Sustainable wood building culture

25th July 2018

Triple wood – sustainable wood building culture in the Alpine region is a two-year European project with the aim to triple the use of wood in the building sector within the near future. Building with wood has many positive effects for our climate, among which it also reduces the emission of CO2. Within the project there will be organized an exhibition that will show best practices of wood buildings.

Dr Iztok Šušteršič, the research group leader in sustainable building with renewable materials at the centre of excellence InnoRenew CoE, was invited to attend the commission for the selection of projects for the exhibition on sustainable wood building architecture in the Alpine region. The commission gathered in Stuttgart, Germany where they reviewed all project proposals from different countries – Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy and Slovenia. Project proposals were split into seven different categories, namely civil engineering, multi storey, housing, manufacturing, office, restoration and cultural.

Dr Šušteršič and other members of the commission chose 49 projects to take part in the exhibition which will be held in all participating countries.

Photo credit: InnoRenew CoE