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Cost Action FP1407 meeting in Portugal

February 2018

Last week the director of the InnoRenew CoE Dr Andreja Kutnar and the deputy director of the InnoRenew CoE, Mike Burnard visited the Universidade de Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal.

They attended the core group meeting to plan the final year of COST Action FP1407. While it was sad to plan the end of the COST Action, it was also a good opportunity to make sure the Action has a lasting effect and to reflect with other core group members.

COST Action FP1407 is a COST Action dedicated to investigating wood modification processing and product design with emphasis on their environmental impacts. Dr Andreja Kutnar is the Chair of the COST Action and Mike Burnard is the Vice-leader of Working Group 4: Integration, Dissemination, and Exploitation.

The next COST Action FP1407 event will be in Florence, Italy on 26 February.

Keep an eye on the web page to learn how to participate in the finally year of the action.