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KOOKAM Opening Day

17. November 2017


On November 17 InnoRenew CoE Living Lab member, Proform d.o.o., unveiled its new product line, KOOKAM.


Proform is a strong believer in research based innovation and implemented this approach with KOOKAM. Through the SME Instrument funding mechanism of the European Commission, KOOKAM was developed through market research, product focus groups, laboratory testing, and updates to the products.


KOOKAM is furniture made of durable solid wood, which can be completely assembled and disassembled from basic elements. Due to the patented fastening and element based system, it can be changed into different assemblies using the same elements and can have elements quickly added to it.


KOOKAM is now available online  or in person at:
Pohištvo Žakelj
Alpska cesta 62
4248 Lesce, Slovenija


Group photo:  Blaž Primožič on the left is the founder and director of Proform d.o.o. and the KOOKAM product line. Second from left is Žiga Žuber who is the head of technology for KOOKAM, thrid from the left is Kaja Gortnar who is the head of design, and fourth is Andrej Šenk – designer of KOOKAM elements and products.