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Research and industry collaboration

November 2017

At InnoRenew CoE we understand the importance of collaboration between research and industry.

Last week some of our employees had the chance to join a group of UP Famnit students and to visit the Slovenian company, Riko Hiše. They are an internationally recognized and successful company, which manufactures and markets ecological and energy saving wooden buildings.

They shared with our employees the process of production of prefabricated wooden houses, and the director, Bojan Lukšič, gave us a tour of the facility, showing how they transform ideas into new homes.


Our director, Dr Andreja Kutnar, also spent a day in the Netherlands where she visited Firmolin – an international technological company that has its origins in the wood industry. They developed their own technique for wood modification, and Dr Kutnar had a great opportunity to learn details of their thermal treatment of wood.

Firmolin is also one of our Living Lab members.