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China-Israel Technology Transfer and Investment Conference, Zhengzhou, China

25. May 2017


InnoRenew CoE was in China!

Transfer and Investment Conference was organised with the goal of promoting cooperation between Israel and China, which is Israel’s third largest trading partner in Asia, and cooperation between Israel and the Chinese Henan Province, where Zhengzhou is located, is showing great promise in the fields of new materials and new energy, among others.

Our researcher, Dr. Matt Schwarzkopf (third from the right), had the pleasure of attending the conference, where he met with the China National Engineering Research Centre for Human Settlements (CNERCHS), Jure Tomc of JT Business Development Ltd., Stane Tomc of REMTY-R,  and Matevž Vrhovnik of Alfa Natura.

CNERCHS, a subsidiary of China Architecture Design & Research Group, aims to conduct research and further the application of new technologies in the field of human settlements. It manages, among others, the Special Committee of Human Settlements of Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and the Special Committee of Solar Buildings of Chinese Renewable Energy Society.

JT Business Development Ltd., which is based out of Hong Kong, specializes in helping companies enter Southeast Asia markets. REMTY-R is as Slovenian company focusing on ‘near zero energy buildings’. Alfa Natura is another Slovenian company, which specializes in cross-laminated timber construction solutions for residential buildings.

At the conference, Dr. Matt Schwarzkopf presented about the InnoRenew Project and InnoRenew CoE, our most important research areas, wood modification and REED, our plans for the future, and, most importantly, he stressed that the InnoRenew team are open to collaboration with Chinese companies and research institutions.

It is expected that these kinds of events will take place more often in the framework of the 16+1 mechanism. As Slovenia is the coordinating country within this mechanism for the forest-based sector, the initiative by the InnoRenew CoE is supported on the political level by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia.

We look forward to our future collaborations!

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