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Multi-function devices for measuring environmental variables in the built environment Večfunkcijski merilnik okoljskih parametrov grajenega okolja / Multi-function device for measuring environmental variables of the built environment

- Luminance Probe Head FLA 603 LDM2(luminance
measuring head)
- Light Flux Probe Head FLA 603 LSM4 (light flux
- Digitalsensor for temperature, humidity and atmospheric
pressure FHAD 46-Cx
- Radiation probe FLA 623 x (probes for various spectral
• Digital thermo-anemometer omnidirectional FVAD 05-
TOKx (air flow measurements)
- Comfort Index Measurement (measuring termal comfort
and air-conditioning)
- Sound level meter B&K 2245 (measuring sound level
- Personal Noise Dose Meter 4448 (nosie exposure
- Data Logger ALMEMO 2690-8A (connection for sensors)

- The sensor probe for CO2 concentrations in the ambient air AHLBORN FY0D00C02B05
CO2 production is a function of the number, size and activity levels of the people present in the room.

Human Health Laboratory
Equipment model
Ahlborn, B&K Precision and Almemo noise doimeters