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Isometric bilateral knee dynamometer Izometrični bilateralni kolenski dinamometer / Isometric bilateral knee dynamometer

Advanced and user –friendly solution for static joint torque
• Adjustable and rigid mechanical frame is suitable to
measure all groups of people.
• Bi-lateral design allows instant left and right comparison
(top.-level electronics, high accuracy)
• Seat adjustment mechanism for 60 mm. Knee angle
release mechanism between 0 and 90°
• Adjust the lateral position of the leg pads in a range of 240
mm and longitudinal position of the leg pads in a range of
160 mm.
• Leg lever arms can be moved up and down to reach knee
angles between 0 and 90°
• The rear seat can be moved forward and backward for 60
mm in order to adapt the seat to the length of user’s legs.
• The leg pads can be moved longitudinally and laterally in
order to adjust the seat to the length of the user’s legs.

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