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3D piezoelectric force plates 3D piezoelektrični merilnik sile / 3D piezoelectric force gauge measurement

Multicomponent force plate with wide range for measuring
ground reaction forces, moments and the center of pressure in
biomechanics. Its large size, wide measuring range and high
rigidity allow it to be employed for a very wide spectrum of
measuring tasks and application sectors. Despite the very
generous measuring range it offers excellent accuracy and
linearity and allows precise measurements of minute forces.
The Type 9287CA has an built-in charge amplifier compatible
with all of the common motion analysis systems. Technical
• Extremely wide measuring range (-10 – 20 kN)
• Overload (Fx, Fy = -13/13 kN, Fz = -10/25 kN)
• High natural frequency (fn (x, y) = 750 Hz, fn (z) = 520 Hz)
• Weight (25 kg)
• Threshold Fz <250 mN • Linearity (< ±0,2 % FSO) • Hysteresis (< 0, % FSO)

Human Health Laboratory
Equipment model
KISTLER Multicomponent Force Plate Type 9287C (two 900x600 mm plates)