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Scientific meeting about forests and wood

Lea Primožič and Dr. Jaka Gašper Pečnik, InnoRenew CoE’s researchers, attended the scientific meeting FOREST and WOOD: Climate Change and Biodiversity, held in Ljubljana.

Participants were greeted by Nike Krajnc, Director of the Forestry Institute of Slovenia and Marina Pintar, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnics, University of Ljubljana.

Lea Primožič presented the results of a survey about the concerns of professional stakeholders in sustainable construction about climate change and whether this influences their decision-making.

In addition to the lectures, organisers also prepared a roundtable discussion about the history of intensive monitoring in Slovenia on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of intensive forest monitoring in Slovenia.

The Forest and Wood scientific meeting was organised by research organisations in the field of forestry, wood and paper in cooperation with the 4th grade science class and the Council for Environmental Protection of the SAZU. This year’s meeting was the 14th in a row and was devoted to presentations on the impacts of climate change on forests and biodiversity. The large temperature deviations from long-term averages in recent years are a warning that climate change is more pronounced than previously thought. These changes are also being reflected in forests and in the characteristics of wood.