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InnoRenew CoE participates in the KOCles project

In the framework of the KOCLes project, researchers at InnoRenew CoE have carried out four training sessions for Menina in the field of robotic manufacturing and wood scanning.

During the training sessions, participants were introduced to a new way of programming robots that can provide fewer intermediate reprogramming steps, as well as to ways of virtually simulating robot set-ups and operation. Advanced aspects of scanning materials and defining grades for wood use in production were also highlighted.

Representatives from Menina visited the InnoRenew CoE, where they were able to see the research laboratories and equipment in the field of robotics. Researchers from the institute also visited the company and provided training for employees based on their needs. With efficient use of advanced manufacturing technology improvements in the production can be done and at the same time significantly reduce the amount of waste wood in production.

The project of the Competence center for human resources development in woodworking (KOCles), which involves 24 companies with 2 360 employees, is primarily aimed at increasing the skills of employees in companies operating in the woodworking sector, to increase the competitiveness of companies and to create a space for the exchange of knowledge and good practices between the partners of the Competence Centre and beyond.